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‌n.thing Aims to Make Vertical Farming More Modular and Automated

Jan.14, 2020 [designboom]

While many questions remain around exactly what role vertical farming will play in the future of agriculture, there are a few things we can count on with certainty. These indoor farms will become more and more automated over time, as well as modular. 

‌n.thing vertical farming systems may revolutionize agriculture

Jan.3rd, 2020 [The Burn-In] 

Farming is one of the oldest occupations of them all. Although ancient farmers used nothing but their hands and crude tools to grow food, today’s farmers have a wealth of technology at their disposal. Now, an innovative system called Planty Cube is about to sweep the ground out from underneath farming—literally...

5 Innovations That Will Dominate CES 2020

Dec.30th, 2019 [GreenwichTimes]

CES 2020 is set to give a glimpse of the leaps forward that today's consumers are most excited about...